Youth Bible Study

On Wednesday nights, the youth will be studying the Gospel and following along with The Gospel Project’s The God Who Saves study.

The God Who Saves provides a comprehensive look into the biblical topic of salvation. Throughout the study, students will be exposed to why salvation is first needed by highlighting seven daily sins that are common to our everyday lives. By emphasizing sin and what we are exactly saved from, students are then exposed to the great work of salvation in the person and work of Jesus, learning about key concepts like biblical faith and repentance. In addition to that, students will also come to understand that salvation isn’t merely a change in someone’s eternal destination, but also includes how it motivates one towards service and living on mission in God’s world.


  • 13 Chapters
  • Three devotionals per chapter
  • Group discussion questions


  • Helps participants understand sin and humanity’s need for salvation
  • Helps participants recognize Jesus as the only saving hope for mankind, and how His saving grace changes a person from the inside-out
  • Encourages participants to join in the mission of making the gospel known to those apart from Christ

Learn more about the study here.


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