Sunday School | Fall Semester

Bread of Life invites you and your family to the Fall Sunday School semester 2016, every Sunday at 9:15am from September 11th to December 11th! This Fall we have committed ourselves to the definitive instruction of the Gospel and essentials of the Christian faith.
The adult class will carefully walk through an in-depth study of the Gospel using Paul Washer’s workbook entitled Discovering the Glorious Gospel. We are convinced that the church can be transformed through this study of the Gospel for, as Washer writes, “The more you know or comprehend its beauty, the more its power will apprehend you.”
The children’s classes will be taught the essentials of the Christian faith with the help of the videos and lesson plans by Theo Presents. Although a cartoon, Theo covers substantive biblical concepts, which our teachers will unpack, including justification, redemption, and abiding in Christ.
Please fill out the form to register your and your family for classes. We look forward to seeing you in Sunday school as we pursue God together.


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